VeriSign's Domain Insight Tools

VeriSign has started to make more information available as to what domain names are being registered.  This provides great insight as to popular trends and hot new ideas.  You can see more about what they are doing by vising their blog.  And checking out their DomainView trend site.  Here is a word cloud widget from DomainView showing what is popular now:

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Interesting Website Addresses

Here are some interesting random website addresses that I am sure will be valuable someday: - Keyword Incorporating in Ohio - Keyword Movie Projector Rental - Keyword Corporate Exhibitioon Stands - Keyword Whole Life Assurance - Keyword Home Hazard Insurance - Keyword Equity Fixed Home Loan

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Moniker Acquired for $65 Million

After recently buying Snapnames in May for $35 Million, has snapped up Moniker for $65M.  This will help strengthen their position in the highly competitive domain name aquisition and domain name aftermarket business.

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Domain Name Stock Performance in 2006

Domain Name Wire has a great review on some of the stocks that are financially driven by domain name monitization.

"Some up, some down, but enthusiasm for domain name companies remains high."

The review also points out potential issues with some Marchex's Domain Names and possible trademark issues.

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DomainCash from GoDaddy

GoDaddy has just announced a program called DomainCash where, for a monthly subscription fee, they will pay up to 80% of the PPC advertising revenues that they make on the traffic to the domain.  As, Adam Viener, point's out on ReveNews, why pay for the subscription when you can get the same or better services for free on sites like

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Websites: Buying and Selling

Business 2.0 recently had an article entitled "Flipping Web Fixer-Uppers - The latest rage: Buying cheap Internet sites, building tem out, and reselling them". In this article they highlighted SitePoint's Marketplace as a good place to buy and sell established sites. SitePoint charges $9.95 to list a website for sale in their forums.

I actually decided to list one of the sites as a test. Check out my listing for Even though the site is profitable, I decided to list it for sale because it uses a datafeed from Befree which will need to be updated and I don't see myself having the time to get to this one quick enough. Also, I thought it would be good experience testing out selling a site this way. I might sell more. I also have bid on a few; there are some interesting finds in these forums.

Here is a good list of sites where you can buy and sell established web-sites:

Finding a good site to acquire in these forums is like looking for a needle in the haystack, but every once in a while you can find a good one and pick it up at a decent price. With a little bid of updating, monetization work, and some paid and organic search work, you could turn a fair site into a great site and either continue earning money from it, or turn around and sell it for a profit.

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GoDaddy's SuperBowl Ad Offends Women

Surprise, Surprise...  An ad the objectifies women to sell their products offends women... Hmm... who would have thought.  Comscore sent out a release reporting the brand damage or improvement from the superbowl ad.  Although they reported that 28% of women felt the ad damaged their impression of the GoDaddy brand, 12% said it actually improved their impression. 

Of course, predicatbly on the Men's side of the equation, only 9% said it damaged their impression and 35% said it improved their impression.

Of course, these figures mean nothing.  The real question for any ad is did it produce sales?  Bob Parsons points out that the ads generated significant traffic.  That's good news so long as conversion rates were good.

It's a Godaddy-Esque world we live in.  Viva la Godaddy! did a good job putting up the ads from the SuperBowl.  View them here.

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GoDaddy Gets Superbowl Ad Approved

Bob Parsons reports that Godaddy has finally gotten a SuperBowl ad approved.  Of course, riding the PR wave, he has made all of the rejected ads and storyboards available online. does a good job of laying out the whole Saga and let's you watch all the dissaproved 2006 GoDaddy Superbowl Commercials.

$1.99 GoDaddy Domains

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Godaddy's 13th Superbowl Ad Declined

GoDaddy recently had their 13th Superbowl ad submission declined.   On his Blog, Bob Parsons says that this process hasn't been a publicity stunt and they are hoping that their 14th submission, which has already been sent, will be the one that gets approved.

They are coming down to the wire, as the last day for submission is today, January 31st. 

Publicity stunt or not, they have made the internet only version of their Godaddy Window Washer TV Commercial available on the Godaddy site.

Take a look at the uncut version of their last year's superbowl ad here:

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GoDaddy's Sexy Superbowl Ads

Godaddy is stirring the pot again this year with their Superbowl Ad submissions.  According to the Godaddy Blog.  Apparently their last 10 superbowl ad submissions have been rejected by ABC.  I am sure the news of the rejections will insure that their web streaming of their ads will continue to be strong and will get their ads much more PR play and online viewability.  Another great PR move.

And as note, outrageous ads sell, but if you can get the whole world taking about ads that you don't even pay to air, and they scramble to view them on your website, that's just brilliant!

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