VeriSign's Domain Insight Tools

VeriSign has started to make more information available as to what domain names are being registered.  This provides great insight as to popular trends and hot new ideas.  You can see more about what they are doing by vising their blog.  And checking out their DomainView trend site.  Here is a word cloud widget from DomainView showing what is popular now:

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Moniker Acquired for $65 Million

After recently buying Snapnames in May for $35 Million, has snapped up Moniker for $65M.  This will help strengthen their position in the highly competitive domain name aquisition and domain name aftermarket business.

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Domain Name Stock Performance in 2006

Domain Name Wire has a great review on some of the stocks that are financially driven by domain name monitization.

"Some up, some down, but enthusiasm for domain name companies remains high."

The review also points out potential issues with some Marchex's Domain Names and possible trademark issues.

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GoDaddy's Sexy Superbowl Ads

Godaddy is stirring the pot again this year with their Superbowl Ad submissions.  According to the Godaddy Blog.  Apparently their last 10 superbowl ad submissions have been rejected by ABC.  I am sure the news of the rejections will insure that their web streaming of their ads will continue to be strong and will get their ads much more PR play and online viewability.  Another great PR move.

And as note, outrageous ads sell, but if you can get the whole world taking about ads that you don't even pay to air, and they scramble to view them on your website, that's just brilliant!

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.Travel domain name to Launch

.travel will be released on a first-come, first-served basis on 1 January 2006. The domain is currently in the last pre-authentication period, during which applicants can ascertain what domains they are in a position to register from 1 January. After 1 January, businesses in the travel industry will be able to pre-authenticate themselves and apply for a .travel domain immediately afterwards instead of having to wait for the end of the pre-authentication period, as is currently the case.

Place Names (such as cities, heritage sites and national parks) are currently unavailable for registration as .travel domains. Those that have not been reserved by Tralliance, the .travel registry, by 31 December will be released for general registration to eligible entities in early January. Government Authorities will be given priority in registering such names, but other entities will be able to apply for Place Names at, with allocation of successful applications occurring after 31 March.

The Place Names reserved list can be found at For more information on place names policy, please visit

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.XXX Domain Names

A final decision on the future of the .xxx domain, intended to denote adult content, was supposed to be made at the Vancouver ICANN meeting - however the topic was shelved from the agenda. ICANN indicated that more time was needed to review a report on .xxx by its own Governmental Advisory Committee. It is believed that the US government has played a major part in delaying the progress of this domain, after a large numbers of complaints were made to the US Chamber of Commerce when the initial approval of .xxx was announced earlier this year.

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.org Domain Names

The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry for the .ord TLD domain names, recently announced that the number of .org registrations has passed the 4 Million mark.

.org was created in 1984 and has grown to be the third largest generic TLD and the fifth largest TLD including country-codes

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$6.95 Domain Name Sale at GoDaddy

GodDaddy is offering a great deal on Domains. For a limited time, all new domain names or existing domain name transfers are only $6.95. Additionally they are throwing in a Corporate Email Account (a $9.95 value). This is a great deal! This deal won't last long, so get it while it's hot!

$6.95 Domain Names Link

GoDaddy $6.95 Domain Sale

Be sure to check out GoDaddy's TV Commercials on the Web

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.XXX Domain TLD Delayed

The US Government has stepped in and blocked further development of the .XXX domain extension until its impact has been more fully understood.  This action was taken after nearly 6,000 letters and emails were received by the Department of Commerce.

Our feeling is that a .XXX domain should exist, and that ICANN and the Government should force all adult content to reside on a .XXX domain.  This would not prevent porn sites from operating a .COM domain, just any images or adult content would need to be delivered from a .XXX domain.  Doing so would enable much easier blocking controls and make it easier to prevent underage viewing.

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76.9 Million Domains Registered

Verisign has reported that global domain name registrations have reached 76.9 million, with 6.7 domains registered in Q1 of 2005.

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