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GoDaddy Domain Registrar Review

GoDaddy is a great Domain Registrar with excellent prices.  It's hard to beat their standard price of $8.95 for a .com domain name registration.  They sometimes discount this domain with additional domain add-ons or bulk purchases. 

GoDaddy's account management tools are easy to use and powerful.  All domain names come with total DNS control, Free domain forwarding (with or without masking / cloaking), and 100 email address forwards.

I personally haven't used GoDaddy's Hosting solution, but hear it's fairly good.  The GoDaddy Website building tool is lacking.

Overall Pros:

  • Great Prices
  • Free Web Forwarding
  • Easy Domain Management
  • Powerful DNS tools

Overall Cons:

  • Poor Website Building Tool

GoDaddy is a great choice for inexpensive domain name registrations and is my current registrar of choice.

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