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Godaddy vs. Network Solutions

Godaddy's president, Bob Parsons, tooks some very good shots at their competitor, network solutions, in his recent Blog posting. Apparently Netsol's president, Champ Mitchell, didn't have his facts straight in a recent interview. Here is a highlight:

Regarding Domain Names Under Management

Mitchell: We (Network Solutions) have maintained our domain base to everyone’s surprise, at 7.3 (million) to 7.4 million domains under management. Go Daddy does have a number larger than that. They probably have a little over 8 million.

The facts: Network Solutions on August 10, had 6.8 million domains under management. The entire Network Solutions group (3 companies) has 7.3 million domains under management. In contrast, Godaddy.com by itself had 8 million names under management.

The Go Daddy Group (Go Daddy, Wild West and Blue Razor) had 9.4 million names under management.

The post is worth a read.

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Posted by: Jamie | Aug 18, 2005 5:22:20 PM

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