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.Travel domain name to Launch

.travel will be released on a first-come, first-served basis on 1 January 2006. The domain is currently in the last pre-authentication period, during which applicants can ascertain what domains they are in a position to register from 1 January. After 1 January, businesses in the travel industry will be able to pre-authenticate themselves and apply for a .travel domain immediately afterwards instead of having to wait for the end of the pre-authentication period, as is currently the case.

Place Names (such as cities, heritage sites and national parks) are currently unavailable for registration as .travel domains. Those that have not been reserved by Tralliance, the .travel registry, by 31 December will be released for general registration to eligible entities in early January. Government Authorities will be given priority in registering such names, but other entities will be able to apply for Place Names at http://www.gtld.com, with allocation of successful applications occurring after 31 March.

The Place Names reserved list can be found at http://www.tralliance.info/PlaceNames/index.aspx. For more information on place names policy, please visit http://www.tralliance.info/pna.htm.

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