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Godaddy's 13th Superbowl Ad Declined

GoDaddy recently had their 13th Superbowl ad submission declined.   On his Blog, Bob Parsons says that this process hasn't been a publicity stunt and they are hoping that their 14th submission, which has already been sent, will be the one that gets approved.

They are coming down to the wire, as the last day for submission is today, January 31st. 

Publicity stunt or not, they have made the internet only version of their Godaddy Window Washer TV Commercial available on the Godaddy site.

Take a look at the uncut version of their last year's superbowl ad here:

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GoDaddy's Sexy Superbowl Ads

Godaddy is stirring the pot again this year with their Superbowl Ad submissions.  According to the Godaddy Blog.  Apparently their last 10 superbowl ad submissions have been rejected by ABC.  I am sure the news of the rejections will insure that their web streaming of their ads will continue to be strong and will get their ads much more PR play and online viewability.  Another great PR move.

And as note, outrageous ads sell, but if you can get the whole world taking about ads that you don't even pay to air, and they scramble to view them on your website, that's just brilliant!

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