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GoDaddy's SuperBowl Ad Offends Women

Surprise, Surprise...  An ad the objectifies women to sell their products offends women... Hmm... who would have thought.  Comscore sent out a release reporting the brand damage or improvement from the superbowl ad.  Although they reported that 28% of women felt the ad damaged their impression of the GoDaddy brand, 12% said it actually improved their impression. 

Of course, predicatbly on the Men's side of the equation, only 9% said it damaged their impression and 35% said it improved their impression.

Of course, these figures mean nothing.  The real question for any ad is did it produce sales?  Bob Parsons points out that the ads generated significant traffic.  That's good news so long as conversion rates were good.

It's a Godaddy-Esque world we live in.  Viva la Godaddy!

SuperBowlAds.us did a good job putting up the ads from the SuperBowl.  View them here.

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GoDaddy Gets Superbowl Ad Approved

Bob Parsons reports that Godaddy has finally gotten a SuperBowl ad approved.  Of course, riding the PR wave, he has made all of the rejected ads and storyboards available online.

SuperBowlAds.us does a good job of laying out the whole Saga and let's you watch all the dissaproved 2006 GoDaddy Superbowl Commercials.

$1.99 GoDaddy Domains

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