1&1 Web and Email Hosting Services Review

There are two main reasons why people register a domain name (Website Address); Setting up a Website and getting a professional E-mail address.  Let's face it, in business using a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail address only gets you so far, if you want to be professional you are going to need a good .com Website address for your business.

There are a lot of flavors of email available today, you want to make sure you choose a hosting provider that can give you flexible options and grow with you.  You may start out just forwarding your new email address to your existing ISP email account.  Later you might move up to checking your email via the Web or using Outlook.  Finally you might setup a hosted or in-house exchange server for your business to host multiple email boxes, shared calendars, etc...

How do you find a good solution that will grow with you?  First you need to pick a good domain name registrar.  I recently reviewed GoDaddy and highly recommend them for their ease of use. GoDaddy is also a great place to start since they offer 100 email address forwards with each domain name purchase.

I have been using 1&1 for the majority of my website hosting because they offer the ability to host multiple domain names under a single account without  For as low as $4.99 per month you can host as many as 50 external domain names.  This means you could have 50 domains on GoDaddy that are all hosted in the single 1and1 account.  This is a great bargain!

I have also been very happy with 1and1's email hosting.  I use Outlook for my mail, and have several addresses forwarding into multiple boxes.  It has worked out extremely well.

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